How to keep anthurium flowers blooming all year

How to make anthurium bloom all year round

Anthurium Care Guide

With the right attention, an anthurium may be a beautiful houseplant that produces flowers at any time of year. If you want your anthurium plant to thrive and produce many blooms, follow the instructions in this article.

In most cases, this plant requires very little attention. Being a tropical plant, it’s important to mimic its natural environment as much as possible by controlling the temperature and humidity.

Primary Care Steps for Anthurium


Greenhouses are common places to keep these plants. This is why, once returning home, they gradually lose their strength and cease to bloom. Putting the plant somewhere with circumstances comparable to the greenhouse is one option.


The plant needs enough light, but it also needs to be shaded from the sun. If you want your plant to bloom and have vibrant colours, you need light.

Celsius Level

Sudden changes in temperature are harmful to the plant. Keep in mind that the ideal temperature range for anthurium, a tropical plant, is 22–30 degrees Celsius.

Put the plant somewhere it won’t be subjected to abrupt temperature swings, like a draught.

Subsurface Watering

Knowing how to water the plant properly is just as crucial as picking the right spot for it and making sure it gets enough light.

Depending on the season and the type of climate, the frequency of watering differs. The plant will require more regular waterings during the warmer months.

To find out how wet the ground is, just stick your finger in it. Never allow the soil to get totally dry, and don’t water the plants too much either. Water must not remain stagnant.

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The Process of Fertilisation

Fertilise your floral plants with a product designed for them. In order for the plant to bloom correctly, it is crucial that it get the correct nutrients.

Use a liquid fertiliser that is high in phosphorus once a week.


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