Bank Al Habib’s Debit Card Charges 2024

Updated Bank Al Habib Debit Card Fees for 2024: A Detailed Guide

Recent announcements by Bank Al Habib Limited (BAHL), a major participant in Pakistan’s banking industry, regarding their updated annual debit card fees represent a substantial change. These modifications cover a number of the bank’s debit card categories and are in force until June 2024. Now let’s examine these revised costs in more detail, following the format of Bank Al Habib’s Schedule of costs (SoC).

Annual Charges Breakdown:

  1. Visa Platinum: Rs7,000 + FED
  2. Visa Gold: Rs3,500 + FED
  3. Visa Silver: Rs2,500 + FED
  4. Union Pay: Rs2,000 + FED
  5. Paypak: Rs1,600 + FED

Understanding the Terms:

Federal Excise Duty, or FED, is a tax levied by the government on a number of services, including financial activities. FED is included in the fees listed for each card category.

Taxes as per Government Regulations:

All applicable taxes, in accordance with government regulations, will be levied in addition to the specified annual charges.

Important Notes:

  • The provided charges are annual and will remain applicable until June 2024.
  • Customers are strongly advised to visit the official platform of Bank Al Habib for any further details or queries regarding the updated debit card charges.

Stay Informed:

In the dynamic landscape of the financial world, staying informed about changes in charges and fees is crucial. Bank Al Habib debit cardholders are recommended to regularly check the official platform of the bank for any updates or additional information that may arise.

Comparative Insight: Meezan Bank ATM Card Charges Update January 2024

Customers routinely compare services and costs in the dynamic world of banking. A closer look at other banks, including Meezan Bank, highlights how the financial industry is always changing. Meezan Bank has also released information on their annual ATM card fees for the month of January in 2024.

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Final Thoughts:

Concluding Remarks: It is inevitable that charges will periodically be updated as the banking sector adjusts to shifting regulatory frameworks and economic environments. Bank Al Habib’s recent announcement serves as a reminder for debit cardholders to stay aware of the applicable charges and ensure compliance with the outlined fee structure.

For those seeking further clarification or specific details, reaching out to Bank Al Habib through their official platform is advised. In navigating the financial terrain, staying informed empowers individuals to make sound financial decisions aligned with their banking preferences and needs.

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