Naya Tareeqa Azmatay Hain – Drama Story

Naya triqa aazmate hain: the story follows two characters, a man named Waseem and a woman named Lata, who are in a relationship. They are currently staying at Lata’s grandmother’s house, along with her brother and mother.

Lata is feeling restless and wants to leave. She tells Waseem that she wants to go home, but he convinces her to stay for a few more days. He tells her that he has to go to London for a conference in a week, and that they can leave together after that.

Lata agrees to stay, but she is still unhappy. She feels like Waseem is not spending enough time with her and that he is more interested in spending time with her family.

Later that night, Waseem and Lata are alone in Waseem’s room. They start arguing, and Lata tells Waseem that she hates him. Waseem is hurt by this, and he tells her that he loves her very much.

They make up, and Waseem promises Lata that he will spend more time with her in the future.

The next morning, Waseem leaves for London. Lata is left behind, feeling lonely and insecure.

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