Jaan Nisar Episode 26, Review,cast

Jaan Nisar Episode 26: Geo TV‘s drama serial “Jaan Nisar” continues to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline. Episode 26, which aired on June 30th, 2024, saw some key developments unfold.

Here’s a breakdown of what transpired in the episode, based on available information:

  • Dua Receives a Warning: Rania warns Dua about Juneira’s malicious intentions. Juneira apparently possesses a compromising video of Dua and is planning to use it to create trouble. This revelation leaves Dua understandably worried.

  • Ghaznavi Confronts Juneira: Infuriated by Juneira’s threats, Ghaznavi confronts her. He demands the video and forcefully warns her to leave town within two days. Juneira, aware of Ghaznavi’s power and influence, is compelled to hand over the video.

  • A Moment of Happiness for Ghaznavi and Dua: With the Juneira issue seemingly resolved, Ghaznavi enjoys a period of contentment with Dua. However, the episode ends with a cliffhanger, hinting at a potential disruption to their newfound happiness. Ghaznavi spots his former love interest, leaving viewers to wonder how this encounter will impact his relationship with Dua.


Actor Character
Danish Taimoor Nosherwan Ghaznavi
Hiba Bukhari Dua
Haroon Shahid Faraz
Sajid Hasan Aslam
Hina Bayat Amma Saeein
Mahmood Aslam Baba Saeein
Dania Enwer Fiza
Kinza Malik Fehmida
Hiba Ali Kashmala
Sajeeruddin Khalifa Naseer
Shazia Gohar Kausar
Humaira Bano Zunaira
Ellie Zaid Sumbul
Nain Sukh Sania
Mehboob Sultan Jaffar
Faiza Khan Rumi
Sarah Ali Rida
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