A Guide to Tehsildar Jobs with the PPSC

Your Guide to Landing a Tehsildar Job with the PPSC


Are you aiming for a prestigious career in Pakistan’s administrative system? Look no further than the Tehsildar position! Tehsildars play a vital role in local governance, and securing this job through the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) can be a rewarding path. This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the necessary information about Tehsildar jobs under the PPSC, from eligibility criteria to the selection process.

Who is a Tehsildar?

A Tehsildar is an essential officer at the Tehsil level, which is a sub-division of a district in Pakistan. They are entrusted with various responsibilities, including:

  • Maintaining land records
  • Collecting land revenue
  • Performing judicial and administrative functions

Why Pursue a Tehsildar Job with the PPSC?

There are several compelling reasons to pursue a Tehsildar job under the PPSC:

  • Prestige and Respect: The position commands significant respect within the community and carries a sense of prestige associated with government service.
  • Job Security: A government job offers stability and security of tenure.
  • Impactful Role: Tehsildars directly impact the lives of citizens by ensuring smooth administration at the local level.
  • Growth Opportunities: The position provides a platform for career advancement within the administrative hierarchy.

Eligibility Criteria for Tehsildar Jobs (PPSC):

The PPSC has specific eligibility criteria for Tehsildar applicants. These may vary slightly, but generally include:

  • Educational Qualification: A Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Law, Public Administration, or a related field) is mandatory.
  • Age Limit: The minimum age limit is usually 21 years, and the upper age limit can vary depending on the advertisement.
  • Domicile: Candidates must possess a domicile of the province where they are applying.
  • Nationality: You must be a Pakistani citizen.
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Selection Process for Tehsildar Jobs (PPSC):

The PPSC follows a rigorous selection process to ensure only the most qualified candidates become Tehsildars. Here’s a breakdown of the typical stages:

  • Advertisement: The PPSC announces vacancies for Tehsildar positions in leading newspapers and on their official website (https://www.ppsc.gop.pk/).
  • Application: Eligible candidates can apply online within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Written Examination: Shortlisted candidates appear for a written exam testing their knowledge in various subjects, including General Knowledge, English, Urdu, and relevant subjects like Land Revenue Laws.
  • Interview: Those who pass the written exam are called for an interview to assess their suitability for the role. The interview panel typically evaluates communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and general awareness.

Preparing for the Tehsildar Job Exam (PPSC):

Thorough preparation is crucial for success in the PPSC Tehsildar exam. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Review the Syllabus: Carefully study the PPSC’s syllabus for the Tehsildar exam to understand the specific topics covered.
  • Gather Study Materials: Textbooks, past papers, and online resources like PPSC’s website can be valuable tools.
  • Practice with Mock Tests: Taking mock tests helps you assess your preparedness and identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop Strong Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential for a Tehsildar’s role. Practice expressing yourself clearly and concisely.


Landing a Tehsildar job with the PPSC is a commendable goal. By understanding the requirements, preparing diligently, and demonstrating your capabilities through the selection process, you can increase your chances of securing this prestigious position and making a positive impact on your community.


  • Stay updated on the latest PPSC advertisements for Tehsildar jobs.
  • Utilize online resources and coaching centers (if needed) to supplement your preparation.
  • Remain confident and focused throughout the selection process.
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With dedication and the right approach, you can successfully navigate the path to becoming a Tehsildar!

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