Siyaah Series Unko Chutti Na Mili Part 1 – Green tv new series

Siyaah Series Unko Chutti Na Mili Part 1

Siyaah Series Unko Chutti Na Mili Part 1 – Green tv new series




  • Nausheen Faryad host of the Public Plea program
  • Maaz – Cameraman for the Public Plea program
  • Mr. Bhatti – Driver for the Public Plea program
  • Sharif, – Watchman of the government school
  • Mr. Arbab teacher at the government school
  • Artash (possibly other children) students at the government school (identities unclear)


  • Digital Editors: Gulsher Gopang, Zohaib Hasan Shaikh, and Muhammad Shehroz
  • Digital Graphics: Muhammad Zeeshan, Nabeel Green


The story follows Nausheen Faryad and her crew from the Public Plea program as they investigate a suspected “ghost school” – a government school that receives funding but has no students or teachers present.

They arrive at the school and meet Sharif, the watchman, who reluctantly allows them to film. Inside, they find only one teacher, Mr. Arbab, and a handful of students. Mr. Arbab is hesitant to answer their questions and seems nervous.

As they continue filming, inconsistencies in Mr. Arbab’s story and the behavior of the children raise suspicion. Nausheen believes Mr. Arbab might be involved in child trafficking.

Sharif later approaches Nausheen and Maaz, hinting that the children are being held captive. The story ends with Nausheen and Maaz returning to the school, possibly to investigate further or call the police.

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