FBR Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan Customs Vacancies

FBR Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan Customs Vacancies

Opportunities: NOC for FBR Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan Customs Vacancies


Welcome to an exclusive insight into the latest job vacancies within the FBR Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan Customs. As avid followers of government job-related news and updates, it’s imperative to stay informed about the No Objection Certificate (NOC) issuance and its implications. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the details of the NOC, available positions, eligibility criteria, and the anticipated application process.

NOC Issuance:

The much-awaited NOC for FBR Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan Customs was officially issued on February 17, 2024. This crucial document signifies the green light for the commencement of the application process, bringing forth a wave of opportunities for aspiring candidates.

Anticipated Application Process:

While the issuance of the NOC marks a significant milestone, it’s essential to understand the timeline for the application process. Considering the cultural and logistical factors, the application process is expected to commence after the conclusion of Ramadan. This strategic decision ensures optimal feasibility in conducting tests and processing applications, aligning with the organizational objectives. As such, prospective applicants can anticipate the kick-off of the application process post-Eid festivities.

Available Positions:

The spectrum of vacancies within the FBR Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan Customs is diverse and promising. From administrative roles to operational positions, there is a plethora of opportunities awaiting skilled individuals. Let’s delve into some of the prominent positions:

  1. Assistant: A pivotal role in providing administrative support and facilitating smooth operations within the organization.
  2. Steno Typist (Grade 14): A position demanding proficiency in shorthand and typing, essential for efficient documentation and correspondence.
  3. DO (Data Operator): An integral role in managing and organizing data, ensuring accuracy and accessibility for decision-making processes.
  4. Library Assistant: Responsible for cataloging and managing resources within the library, catering to the informational needs of the organization.
  5. UDC (Upper Division Clerk): Playing a crucial role in maintaining records, processing documents, and assisting in administrative tasks.
  6. LDC (Lower Division Clerk): entrusted with clerical duties such as typing, filing, and record-keeping, contributing to operational efficiency.
  7. Constable: Among the most sought-after positions, requiring candidates to meet specific eligibility criteria related to qualifications and age. A vital role in maintaining law and order within the organization.
  8. Drivers, Dispatch Riders, and Naib Kas: Essential positions ensuring logistical support and operational efficiency through transportation and assistance roles.
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Additionally, niche positions such as researchers, sanitary workers, and gardeners contribute to the holistic functioning of the organization, reflecting a diverse array of opportunities catering to varied skill sets and interests.

Upcoming Vacancies:

Beyond the current vacancies, the landscape of opportunities continues to evolve. With approximately 2300 vacancies anticipated for the National Highway, aspiring candidates have a myriad of options to explore. Furthermore, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is poised to announce vacancies for the Airport Security Force (ASF) in September, opening doors to new career prospects and challenges.

Application Guidance:

For individuals aspiring to seize these coveted opportunities, staying informed and prepared is paramount. As the application process unfolds, we will provide a comprehensive guide detailing the online application procedure, eligibility criteria, and essential tips for a competitive edge. Stay tuned to our channel for timely updates and expert insights, ensuring you navigate the application process with confidence and clarity.


The issuance of the NOC for FBR Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan Customs heralds a new era of opportunities for job seekers. With a diverse range of vacancies spanning across various disciplines and skill sets, aspiring candidates are poised to embark on fulfilling careers within the organization. Stay informed, stay prepared, and embark on your journey towards professional growth and success.

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