PTI ki Barri Jeet!! Insaf Babar Sattar Ne Ek Aur Tareekhi Faisla Sunaya

the latest legal developments as Islamabad High Court delivers

Justice Babar Sattar Made Another Historic Decision

Big Decision by Islamabad High Court: Justice Babar Sattar Issues a Verdict on the Appeal Against the Restraining Order for Three MPs, including Sherryar Afridi and Shan Dan Gulzar. The ruling, presented by Justice Babar Sattar, encompasses 79 pages, highlighting the importance of compliance with constitutional provisions. In the Mustafa Apex case, the court stipulates the necessity of Cabinet approval for the exercise of specific powers. The notification related to the Islamabad Chief Election Commissioner’s provincial authority is set to be annulled tomorrow. Majid Tasla, Capital TV representative, discusses the latest updates with Shahab Malik. Find out more about these developments.

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