Ishq Murshid – Episode 09 – Review,Cast,Story

Ishq Murshid - Episode 09 - Review,Cast,Story

Ishq Murshid Hum TV Pakistani drama episode 9 cost review story:

Ishq Murshid, Episode 09: Review, 

In episode nine of the Pakistani drama “Ishq Murshid,” a tense situation unfolds as Shibra urgently contacts Fazal Bakhsh, expressing her worry about Sukaina. Sukaina is not responding, and Shibra fears something is wrong. Fazal Bakhsh assures her that he will come quickly.

Sukaina, distressed, confides in Fazal Bakhsh about her love for Zohaib and how her father’s stubbornness has shattered their relationship. Fazal Bakhsh promises to fix everything within two days, requesting Sukaina to follow his instructions during that time.

Meanwhile, Sukaina’s father, Mr. Suleman, realizes Fazal Bakhsh’s spiritual nature and regrets slapping him earlier. Fazal Bakhsh decides to visit his village to seek the guidance of his spiritual guide and help Sukaina and Zohaib.

As Shibra contacts Fazal Bakhsh to check on Sukaina, he assures her that he has reached his destination safely. Sukaina’s father, affected by Fazal Bakhsh’s words, begins to contemplate his actions and seeks guidance.

Unexpectedly, Shahmeer, who had recently traveled to London, returns abruptly due to superstitions. Faraz informs Mehreen about Shahmeer’s return and the challenges in the bureaucracy’s performance rules.

Back at Sukaina’s house, an unsettling atmosphere prevails as Sukaina, her mother, and Zohaib face difficulties. Mr. Suleman leaves the house without having breakfast, and tensions rise among family members.

Later, Fazal Bakhsh receives a call from Shibra, who updates him on the worsening situation at Sukaina’s house. Shibra pleads with him to call Sukaina and convince her to reconcile with her father.

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Ishq Mrshid Episode 9 In Video Watch on Muft Maloomat


Cast: Ishq Murshid Drama

Cast : Bilal Abbas Khan Durefishan Saleem Farooq, Rind Abdul Khaliq Khan

Written By Abdul Khaliq Khan

Directed By Farooq Rind

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