Grow Lemons by Growing Bnana Seeds Inside!

Pierce a Banana and Insert Lemon Seeds: Unbelievable Results!

Discover the incredible method of growing a lemon plant by inserting lemon seeds into a pierced banana. The surprising results will amaze you!

Place the half-lime wedge inside a banana.

Bananas with Seeds from Lemons

Unlock the secret behind stuffing bananas with lemon seeds and why it’s a practice gaining popularity worldwide, not just in Italy.

Why Stuff a Banana with Lemon Seeds?

In the Pianta-del-limone

Explore the innovative DIY solutions to common problems, including a special strategy professionals use to cultivate a lovely lemon tree.

A Guide on Cultivating Lemon Plants

Follow these simple steps to produce lemons at home using a banana and lemon seeds:

  1. Gather lemons and extract their seeds.
  2. Combine seeds with a glass of water using a teaspoon.
  3. Clean and dry seeds thoroughly.
  4. Slice a banana lengthwise without peeling, cut into pieces, and poke holes.
  5. Insert lemon seeds into banana pieces.
  6. Prepare a container with soil and insert banana pieces with seeds.
  7. Water regularly and watch your lemon plant grow.

Dreaming of a Home Lemon Tree?

Simplest way to cultivate lemons

How to grow lemons from leaf buds in minutes

Cultivating a Lemon Tree

After five days, witness the natural extraction of seeds from the banana sections. Transplant the growing plant into a larger container as it develops. Enjoy the journey from the first fruits to the beautiful orange blossoms!

Remember to care for your lemon plant and witness its harvest. Follow these steps to cultivate your lemon plant indefinitely!


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