A foolproof method for growing garlic in water for an infinite harvest

A foolproof method for growing garlic in water for an infinite harvest

Garlic, the Evergreen Wonder

Garlic, once mastered for water cultivation, can be harvested indefinitely. When it comes to houseplants, it’s one of the easiest options. Actually, garlic seems to have nearly “magical” regeneration and reproduction capabilities, which is why we’re going to show you how to grow garlic in water instead of soil today.

The Simple Steps to Growing Garlic in Water

How often have we seen garlic that is only a little bit older but has sprung a new shoot? Please read the following instructions carefully if you would like to know how to grow garlic in water.

  1. Find the garlic cloves that have sprouted and pick them. Make sure the sections you choose are in the best possible condition by picking them out of those that are rotten or otherwise imperfect.
  2. Garlic cloves should be placed in a glass or jar. Be very careful that the end that holds the sprout is facing upwards.
  3. Make sure the garlic cloves are half-submerged before adding room-temperature water to the glass. Do not submerge the pieces in water if you do not want them to rot.
  4. Place the vase or glassware on the inner window sill and let it sit for four to seven days. Make sure it gets some sunshine.
  5. If the water turns too murky, you’ll need to refill it. This can be done by removing the garlic cloves from the glass using clean hands, allowing the glass to drain completely, and then adding fresh water to replace the cloves.
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It is recommended to grow the garlic shoots until they are seven cm tall. Garlic sprouts are excellent for a variety of culinary purposes, including flavouring and cooking.

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