Dramatic Escape: Saúl Jiménez Fortes’ Brave Duel with Death in the Madrid Bullring

Surviving a Brave Battle with Death in the Madrid Bullring, Saul Jiménez Fortes’ Epic Story of Dramatic Escape

In a bullfight in Madrid, a bullfighter named Saúl Jiménez Fortes narrowly escaped death when a bull gored his neck. Despite being gored twice, he bravely asked the doctor to stitch him up so he could go back into the ring and finish the fight by killing the bull.

fortes neck
fortes neck

A bullfighter almost got really hurt when a bull stabbed him twice in the neck at Madrid’s yearly bull festival. After that, he asked the doctor if he could go back to finish off the bull.

Saul Jimenez Fortes, a bullfighter from Malaga, was on his second bull of the day when he got lifted up on the bull’s horns and got hurt.

He stood up with help from his fellow bullfighters when they came to divert the bull. They carried him away with his right hand on his heavily bleeding neck.


His life was saved by a mix of luck and quick surgery from the doctor on-site, right after the incident at the Las Ventas bullring in the capital.

The doctor’s report says that Mr. Jiménez Fortes got two serious injuries. One went more than five inches deep and hurt important parts like the carotid artery, jugular vein, thyroid gland, and the tube that goes to the stomach. It even reached the bones in his neck. The other wound, which was four inches deep, was near the parotid gland.

For the Spanish, bullfighting means a lot more than just a sport. Dr. Máximo García Padrós, the official surgeon at Las Ventas, shared that the matador requested him to stitch up the wound so he could keep going in the bullfight.

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Bullfighter Jimenez Fortes is gored in the neck

He said, “Just stitch me up a bit, and I’ll go out and deal with the bull,” the doctor shared with the newspaper El Mundo. The surgeon added that when Mr. Jiménez Fortes removed his suit and realized how badly he was injured, “he became more realistic.

Another bullfighter later killed the bull.

The 25-year-old bullfighter spent the night in intensive care and is getting better, the doctor said. Mr. García Padrós mentioned that the bullfighter, who he said was “lucky,” will need a neck scan to find out how much damage there is inside.


The UK is giving money to support bullfighting in Spain through subsidies from the European Union.

The bullfighter, aged 25, has spent the night in critical care and is improving, according to the attending physician. Mr. Garca Padrós said the bullfighter, whom he described as “lucky,” will undergo a scan of his neck to determine the extent of the injury.

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