Ishq Murshid Ep 06:Pakistani Drama Ishq Murshid New Episode

Ishq Murshid Ep 06:Pakistani Drama Ishq Murshid New Episode

Ishq Murshid Episode 6: The Latest Episode of the Pakistani Drama Ishq Murshid

Ishq Murshid Drama, Episode 6


In episode 6 of “Ishq Murshid,” the drama unfolds with an introduction to Fazal Bakhsh, who has recently arrived at Shibra’s house. Fazal Bakhsh is a noble and honest person who has been offered a place to stay in Shibra’s house. The family discusses the idea of Fazal Bakhsh helping with household chores and even groceries.

Love, politics, and CSS exams are shown in Episode 6 of Ishq Murshid.

In this episode, the drama delves into the dynamics of love, politics, and the CSS exams. Fazal Bakhsh’s aspirations to take the CSS exam come to light during a dinner conversation, with the family reflecting on the state of crooked politics and recalling the influence of a politician named Madam Zubaida Sikander.

The narrative takes an emotional turn as Fazal Bakhsh passionately expresses his deep attachment to Madam Zubaida Sikander, who was a prominent figure in their town. The family discusses the tragic circumstances of her death, allegedly involving her husband, prompting Shibra’s father to seek Fazal Bakhsh’s insights.

Amidst these conversations, Shahmeer Sikander, a renowned personality and Shibra’s love interest, makes a dramatic entrance. The significance of the name “Sikander” and its powerful implications for the family are explored.

The episode further delves into Sukaina’s emotional turmoil as she grapples with her feelings for Shahmeer and the expectations of her family. She confides in her father about her love and her fears of not being part of Shahmeer’s life.

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As the drama unfolds, Sukaina contemplates her future and the potential sacrifices love may demand. Shahmeer’s abrupt departure for London to prove his worth to his skeptical father adds another layer of complexity, while Mehreen, who loves Shahmeer, confronts him about his plans.

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Shahmeer says that he left for London without warning in order to show his father, who doesn’t believe in his abilities, how valuable he is. Mehreen, who loves Shahmeer, finds out about his plans to leave, though, and confronts him.


  • Bilal Abbas Khan as Shahmeer Sikander
  • Durefishan Saleem as Shibra
  • Farooq Rind as Fazal Bakhsh
  • Abdul Khaliq Khan as Shibra’s Father

About “Ishq Murshid” Drama: The Pakistani drama series “Ishq Murshid” has a fantastic plot about love, family, and what society expects of people. In this show, the complicated nature of partnerships and the results of choices are shown. People are watching “Ishq Murshid” because it has a great cast and an interesting story.

Written By Abdul Khaliq Khan Directed By Farooq Rind


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