Kabli Pulao: Episode 17 Pakistani Drama: Cast,story, and Review

Qabli pulao drama ep 17

Cast, Synopsis, and Analysis of Kabli Pulao, Episode 17 of the Pakistani Drama



  • Director Content & Digital: Qaiser Ali
  • Writer: Zafar Mairaj
  • Director: Kashif Nisar
  • Production: Q&K Productions in association with Multiverse Entertainment
  • Starring:
    • Muhammad Ehteshamuddin
    • Sabeena Farooq
    • Nadia Afgan
    • Adnan Shah Tipu
    • Haseeb Khan
    • Munazzah Arif
    • Saqib Sameer
    • Farzana Taheem
    • Rahima Khan
    • Abdullah Farhatullah
    • Umer Dar
    • Fajjar Khan
    • Naina Black
    • Sikander Rajput
    • Waqas Shahzad
    • Umair Koreja
    • Momina Sohail
    • Isbah
    • Mahin
    • Faizan Dar
    • Rasheed Ali
    • Arshad Niazi
    • Saad Hussain
    • Naeem Kashmiri
    • Usman Chaudry


In this episode of “Kabli Pulao,” the drama continues to explore the dynamics of a family and how they navigate their relationships and challenges. The story unfolds with Barbeena and Mr. Haji having a conversation, where they discuss their concerns about a challenging day at work without the presence of Qayyum, a co-worker.

Mr. Haji is taken aback when Barbeena mentions going to Rawalpindi and inquires about the reasons behind their trip. Barbeena hints at her underlying anxieties without explicitly sharing them.

Financial matters come into focus as Barbeena mentions an outstanding debt, and Mr. Haji advises her on how to handle the situation. They also touch upon the construction of their house, which has been stalled due to a lack of matching tiles.

Kabli Pulao Episode 17

Ghaffar, another character, is grappling with financial difficulties and is unable to make progress on his house’s construction. He shares his financial needs, and Mr. Haji offers a substantial sum to help him complete the project and leave the area.

A new character, Jawad, enters the scene, and discussions within the family revolve around their relationships with Barbeena and the importance of unity and mutual respect.

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Barbeena watches a video featuring a police officer being assaulted, and her actions lead to the video’s viral status. This event has far-reaching consequences, and Barbeena engages in a conversation with Ayesha, Mr. Haji’s daughter, about her father’s murder and its impact on the family.

Kabli Pulao Drama Episode 17 story and cast

Mazdaq, a friend of Ayesha’s, contemplates leaving their home to reunite with friends, prompting the family to emphasize the value of their familial bonds and urge him to stay.

Barbeena shares her desire to leave the house due to discomfort and fear, hinting at her hopes for Ayesha’s involvement in her departure. The episode concludes with Ayesha expressing her longing for a more intimate connection with her mother, and Barbeena implies that staying might be an option if Mr. Haji sends her to Islamabad.

The episode delves into themes of family dynamics, financial challenges, and personal conflicts, with the characters’ conversations revealing their internal struggles and the complexities of their relationships and daily lives.


Episode 17 of “Kabli Pulao” continues to captivate audiences with its exploration of family dynamics and the intricacies of human relationships. The cast delivers stellar performances, portraying the complexity of emotions and conflicts within the family.

Qabli pulao drama ep 17

The episode touches on various themes, including financial struggles, the impact of past events, and the importance of unity within a family. Viewers are drawn into the characters’ lives as they navigate their challenges and make difficult decisions.

Notably, the viral video incident introduces a unique twist to the story, showcasing the power of individual actions to create ripples in society. The exploration of personal conflicts, as seen in the conversations between Barbeena and Ayesha, adds depth to the narrative.

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Kabli Pulao” Episode 17 keeps viewers engaged with its compelling storytelling and well-developed characters. The drama continues to be a must-watch for those interested in family-centered narratives with a blend of drama and emotion.


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