Namak Haram : Episode 2 | Actors List with Photos

“Namak Haram” Drama Pakistani Drama Actors List with Photos

People in Pakistan can now watch Namak Haram, a brand-new romantic thriller show on Hum TV. The production of Namak Haram has a star-studded ensemble cast, and Sarah Khan, Imran Ashraf, Babar Ali, and Sunita Marshal all play important parts. We need to learn more about the Namak Haram drama cast and what their parts are in the show.

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“Namak Haram” Drama Episode 2 Cast:

  • Imran Ashraf
  • Sarah Khan
  • Babar Ali
  • Sunita Marshal
  • Aniqa Zehra Khawaja
  • Mohsin Ejaz
  • Sajawal
  • Salma Asim
  • Nabeela Khan


  • Writer: Saqlain Abbas
  • Director: Shaqielle Khan

Actors List with Photos

Iman Ashraf, who is from Pakistan, plays Muraad in the television series “Namak Haram.” At age 34, he has already made a name for himself as a Pakistani star with many skills. He is great as a speaker, an actor, and a writer. Known all over the world for his exceptional performance as Bhola, the mentally challenged character on the famous TV show “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.” For this role, he won the prestigious Lux Style Award for Best TV Actor. He was Bhola in the TV show “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.”

Imran Ashraf Awan

imran ashraf photos


  • Sarah Khan

The talented and stunning Sarah Khan has revealed additional insights into her upcoming drama series, “Namak Haram.” She expressed her intrigue in the project, emphasizing the uniqueness of its title, “Namak Haram.” Sarah shared, “I was drawn to the drama because of its distinctive title. The storyline is equally intriguing, offering a unique experience that I can’t divulge at this moment.” When questioned about the title, Sarah mentioned her curiosity about the character designated as the ‘Namak Haram‘ in the story. She also praised the exceptional cast, featuring Imran Ashraf, Babar Ali, and others. Consequently, Sarah’s decision to join the project was made swiftly after learning about the captivating narrative and the stellar cast.

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Sahra Khan actress in Drama Namak Haram

  • Sunita Marshal

Sunita Marshall, a prominent Pakistani fashion model and television actress, has garnered acclaim for her outstanding performances in various TV dramas. Her notable roles include appearances in the ARY Digital political drama series “Mera Saaein” and the Geo Entertainment drama series “Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3.” Born on April 9, 1981, in Lahore, she currently stands at 42 years of age. She is happily married to Hassan Ahmed since 2009, and they have a daughter named Zynah Ahmed. Additionally, Sunita has a sibling named Anjali Marshall, and she proudly holds Pakistani nationality. This information is derived from a reputable source, Wikipedia.

Sunita Marshal Actress in Pakistani Drama Namak Haram


Anika Zulfikar new actress in Drama Namak Haram

Pakistan’s rising star Anika Zulfikar is also a major player in the modeling world. Born in Canada, she spent her early years in the Great White North. Anika currently resides in Karachi, however her family is still based in Toronto. This move from her own Canada to the Pakistani entertainment mecca of Karachi speaks volumes about her commitment to making it as a performer in Pakistan.

Anika Zulfikar new actress in Drama Namak Haram

Nabila Khan

Babar Ali

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