Namak Haram – Episode 02 Teaser – Story Review Cast

Namak Haram - Episode 02 Teaser

Namak Haram – Episode 02 Teaser

Drama Story

Things get interesting in the second episode of “Namak Haram.” Belief and treachery dance a delicate tango in this world. There are hints in the video about the complicated power struggles and relationships that are about to happen. You will see that salt, which was once thought to be safe, might not be as good as it seems as we learn more about the story.



The trailer for “Namak Haram” episode 02 says that the story will be interesting and gripping. The story seems to look into the deepest parts of relationships and the power and betrayal that lie beneath the surface. With a great cast and an interesting plot, it looks like drama fans will want to watch this show.


Imran Ashraf,Sarah Khan, Babar Ali, Sunita Marshal, Aniqa Zehra, Khawaja Mohsin, Ejaz Sajawal   Nabeela Khan,

Don’t miss the talented cast in action, including Imran Ashraf, Sarah Khan, Babar Ali, Sunita Marshal, Aniqa Zehra Khawaja, Mohsin Ejaz, Sajawal, Salma Asim, and Nabeela Khan.

Additional Information

Writer: Saqlain Abbas
Director: Shaqielle Khan

Stay tuned for this thrilling tale of power and betrayal in “Namak Haram” Episode 02!


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