Tere bin pakistani drama 2022: Tere Bin Episode 01- Story,review,Cast

Tere bin pakistani drama 2022 - Episode -1 stor and review

tere bin pakistani drama 2022: Tere Bin Episode 01- Story,review,Cast:

Tere Bin – Episode 1: Seeds of Drama


The Pakistani drama series Tere Bin takes viewers on a captivating journey filled with family dynamics, aspirations, and domestic challenges. In the first episode, the stage is set for a riveting story that explores the lives of its characters.

Tere Bin Episode 01- pakistani drama 2022

Episode Highlights

  • Mr. Khan and Ibrahim’s Conversation: The episode begins with a conversation between Mr. Khan and Ibrahim. The two discuss their crop and set the tone for the rural setting of the story.
  • Threats from Malik’s Men: Trouble looms as Malik’s men threaten Ibrahim and his family, even going as far as to threaten the kidnapping of his daughter. The tension escalates, and the seeds of conflict are sown.
  • Murtasim’s Confrontation: Murtasim steps in to confront Malik and deliver a stern warning. He demands that Malik’s men refrain from harming his land, setting the stage for a power struggle.
  • Haya’s Aspiration: Meanwhile, Haya expresses her desire to study law. However, her family hesitates to support her ambition, introducing a theme of education and dreams.
  • Usman’s Quest for Justice: Usman seeks legal assistance and turns to Mr. Waqas, a lawyer, to fight a case for his brother. This decision unfolds a subplot that promises to be central to the narrative.
  • Maa Begum’s Resistance: Murtasim’s mother, Maa Begum, opposes Haya’s pursuit of education. She insists that Haya celebrate her friend’s engagement at home, highlighting traditional family values and expectations.
  • Meerab’s Birthday Plans: Meerab plans to celebrate her birthday with her family in Hyderabad, hinting at the importance of family bonds and traditions.
  • Haya’s Advocacy: Haya attempts to convince her uncle and aunt to support Meerab’s education, showcasing the theme of empowerment and women’s rights.
  • Friend’s Engagement: The engagement of Haya’s friend is discussed, revealing the dynamics within their social circle.
  • Domestic Violence Case: A domestic violence case is reported to the police, and the victim is encouraged to stand up for her rights. This subplot underscores the importance of addressing social issues.
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Meet the Cast

Actor/Actress Role
Yumna Zaidi Meerab
Wahaj Ali Murtasim
Bushra Ansari Salma
Sohail Sameer Anwar
Sabeena Farooq Haya
Hira Soomro Maryam
Fazila Qazi Aneela
Farhan Ally Agha Waqas
Seemi Pasha Sabra
Mahmood Aslam Malik Mukhtaar
Haris Waheed
Agha Mustafa


The first episode of Tere Bin sets the stage for an engaging drama filled with intricate family dynamics, education aspirations, and social challenges. As the characters navigate their way through life’s complexities, viewers can anticipate a captivating narrative with compelling themes. Stay tuned for the unfolding drama and the trials and triumphs of the characters in this intriguing series.

Writer: Nooran Makhdoom

Director: Siraj ul Haq

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment


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