Kabuli Pulao Episode 16 Pakistani drama -Story Review and Cast

Kabli Pulao Episode 16 Pakistani drama

Kabli Pulao Episode 16 Story Review and Cast

About the plot of Qabli Pulao Drama Episode No. 16

This episode of the Kabuli Pulao story starts with a conversation between Barbeena and Mr. Haji, which sets off plot developments. Barbeena is telling Mr. Haji how worried she is about how hard the day will be at the shop without Qayyum. He then asks her what she is worried about. They talked about how likely it is that they will go to Pindi (Islamabad), and Mr. Haji is shocked by the idea.

Kabli Pulao Episode 16

Barbeena hints at some unspoken issues, and Mr. Haji questions if Ghaffar, his brother, said something. Barbeena worries about her situation and her relationship with Mr. Haji, but they decide to find a solution together.

The scene shifts to Ghaffar, who is having financial troubles related to his house construction. He cannot find matching tiles and has considered removing the existing ones, which would be costly. Mr. Haji offers to help by giving him the necessary funds.

About the plot of Qabli Pulao Drama Episode No. 16

Back at Mr. Haji’s home, he arrives early, and Barbeena notices his headache. They discuss their discomfort with the seating arrangements, and Barbeena shares her concerns about being seen as a burden. Mr. Haji suggests that Barbeena might need to leave the house, which upsets her.

Ghaffar talks to Barbeena and suggests that Mr. Haji wants him to leave the house. Ghaffar emphasizes the importance of him staying to take care of Qayyum’s children and the family business.

The next day, Barbeena meets with her teacher and shares that a video of her has gone viral, earning her praise and a promotion. Her teacher warns her about the potential consequences of her actions.

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Barbeena returns home and asks Mr. Haji to let her leave the house. She emphasizes how her presence is causing distress and suggests that she can no longer bear the situation. Mr. Haji, struggling with his own feelings, agrees to let her go.

Ayesha, Qayyum’s daughter, speaks with Barbeena and expresses her mixed emotions. She mentions her love for her father and her suffering due to Barbeena’s actions, hinting at a miscarriage. Barbeena assures Ayesha that she was not responsible for her father’s death and her child’s loss.

Kabli Pulao Episode 16 Pakistani drama -Story Review and Cast

Meanwhile, Mazdaq decides to leave for his friends. This leads to an emotional discussion among the family members, highlighting the strained relationships within the household. Barbeena is conflicted about her role in the family, torn between her desire to leave and the family’s need for her.

The episode ends with Barbeena and Mr. Haji discussing her difficulties in connecting with the home, and her belief that Ayesha will help her leave the house.

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Actor/Actress Role
Muhammad Ehteshamuddin
Sabeena Farooq Barbeena
Nadia Afgan
Adnan Shah Tipu
Haseeb Khan
Munazzah Arif
Saqib Sameer
Farzana Taheem
Rahima Khan
Abdullah Farhatullah
Umer Dar
Fajjar Khan
Naina Black
Sikander Rajput
Waqas Shahzad
Umair Koreja
Momina Sohail
Faizan Dar
Rasheed Ali
Arshad Niazi
Saad Hussain
Naeem Kashmiri
Usman Chaudry

Production Team

Director Content & Digital: Qaiser Ali

Writer: Zafar Mairaj

Director: Kashif Nisar

It’s a Q&K Productions in association with Multiverse Entertainment presentation

Digital Editors

Gulsher Gopang

Zohaib Hasan Shaikh

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Husnain Moavia

Digital Graphics

Muhammad Zeeshan

Nabeel Green


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