Ishq Murshid – Pakistani Drama – Episode 04 -Story, Review

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Ishq Murshad Background story

In the very initial episode of Ishq Murshid, we met the two families and learned what to expect from the characters. Shibra is principled, assertive, generous, and intolerant of snobbery. Shahmeer craves his mother, writes melancholic poetry, has difficult relationships with his father, and lives modestly despite his wealth.

This episode has many gorgeous visuals, but the rain and bicycle scenario sticks out.

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Ishq Murshid Episode 4 Story

 The Political Intrigue

In a Pakistani drama, we delve into the intricate world of politics, personal relationships, and unexpected twists. The narrative weaves several interconnected storylines that provide depth and suspense to the plot.

Key Characters:

  • Mr. Suleman: A prominent political figure.
  • Mr. Aftab: Leading a rebellion within Mr. Suleman’s political party.
  • Shahmeer: Mr. Suleman’s son, showing both irresponsibility and loyalty.
  • Sukaina: Mr. Suleman’s daughter, facing marital struggles with her husband, Zohaib.
  • Fazal Bakhsh: A junior clerk working for Mr. Suleman, known for his kindness and honesty.
  • Mrs. Suleman: Mr. Suleman’s wife, falling ill and leading to a significant plot development.

The Story:

In the political landscape, there’s turmoil within Mr. Suleman’s party as Mr. Aftab leads a rebellion, accusing Mr. Suleman of conspiring to topple the government.

Family dynamics come into play as Shahmeer, Mr. Suleman’s son, appears carefree but deeply respects his mother, a respected figure in the party. However, a strained relationship emerges between Shahmeer and his father.

Sukaina, Mr. Suleman’s daughter, faces marital problems with Zohaib, possibly influenced by political matters.

Fazal Bakhsh, a junior clerk, enters the scene and displays kindness and concern for Mrs. Suleman, who falls ill.

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A hospital encounter between Shahmeer and Fazal Bakhsh takes place, where they meet again at the hospital while Mrs. Suleman is being treated. They bond over their shared concern for her and discuss their mutual acquaintances.

An unexpected twist occurs as Shahmeer’s friends mistakenly attempt to kidnap him, believing he is the son of a billionaire, with the intention of demanding a ransom.

The narrative concludes with a mysterious benefactor named “Angel” paying Mrs. Suleman’s hospital bill, leaving the characters bewildered about the source of this unexpected act of generosity.

“The Political Intrigue” promises a captivating narrative filled with political plots, familial conflicts, and enigmatic twists that will keep viewers engaged as the story unfolds.

Cast and crew:

Category Name
Cast Bilal Abbas Khan
Durefishan Saleem
Farooq Rind
Abdul Khaliq Khan
Written By Abdul Khaliq Khan
Directed By Farooq Rind
Produced By Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions

Ishq Murshid drama episode 4  pictures:

Ishq Murshid drama episode 4  pictures

Ishq Murshid drama episode 4  pictures 2

Ishq Murshid - Episode 04 picrure 4

Ishq Murshid - Episode 04 picture 5

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