Onic SIM packages: and Onic Sim fact and all information about it

Pakistan New Network Inc reality and details of its packages

What is the reality of the new network that has come in Pakistan by the name Onic, what are the details of its packages, are its packages expensive or cheap, are its towers being installed in Pakistan or are they from other networks? We are going to tell you what is the truth of this together.

Pakistan New Network Onic reality and details of its packages

A new network has come in Pakistan by the name of Onic and how many times have you received the sim of Onik because now it has two releases and the price has expired now what is its regular price what is the reality? And how much data do you get? Is it really a perfect sim? What time is its signal? It is being taken from all the networks. Should you buy it or not?

when i ordered this sim

And friends, first of all I want to show you this sim that I just ordered and received today, after that I will talk about the prices of the bundles that you get. Those who say that their packages are running, first of all let me show you how fun their inbox experience is. The open key jacket is being offered, so first of all, if you look at it, there is a blending above it, it says Download the Unique App, that is, you can find its app on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. And I have also downloaded its app, so if you have to activate it, when you order it, see when I ordered it, so simply, I will tell you the order procedure. That you have gone to their website, after going to the website, look at all the information here, you have to fill your name, your ID card number and your address and friends, five SIMs are in my name. When it was complete, I told my team member to get the SIM registered in their name and it will be registered immediately and the biometric device they had to register the SIM and the registration of the SIM was there on the spot. It means that they will register this SIM in your name through the biometric device while staying in your home, but if you have five SIMs already registered in your name, then this SIM can not be registered the same role which is already running i.e. your name should be less than five, if it is above five then you will not be able to register this SIM.

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Onic Sim Very Ccheap Packeg

cheapest package of Onic sim

So after that if I talk about the delivery time then in short time of two hours the writer who is at my home and Miss Koi was very surprised to see the response and this is one of the best things I have ever heard from my friends. In the promotional offer that was running at the start, for 123 rupees, you used to get 5000 minutes on Al Network and some data was also passed. Talking about the package, this SIM-up is being offered for Rs.890. 30 GB data is being offered to you for the whole month for 890 rupees and the unlimited minutes are being offered to you for all Al Networks, but a fair use policy has been kept in Al Networks Minors as well. It has been said that you can use up to 5,000 minutes in a month, that too on AL network, but 5,000 SMS and 30 days of this are enough.

Onic Sim’s second package

Onic Sim's second package 100 GB internet

The second package has 100GB internet at Rs 1290 and unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and 10000 messages. their validity 30 days.And its connectivity will be 4G.

its third package

Onic Sim's third package is available for 1990Rs 200 GB

The price of this package is Rs 1990 and it is giving you 200 GB internet. 10000 incoming outgoing calls Like the first package, its validity is also 30 days and connectivity is 4G. Data is Rollover.

Now let us talk about the reality of this Onic network.

A new network is one which is launched in a new way and its complete information is that new towers are installed for it, its franchises are made in a new way. But the person who had ordered this SIM, when he looked at the device on which this SIM is being verified, it was a device of UFOne and it is available in all your cities. Till now, you have not received any SIM from that city.

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Onic SIM is being handled by UFOne company which is the UFOne network company of Pakistan and this business is being started in a new way so that its business can be improved, but there is no new reality in it that you can understand it and use it.

Should you buy this SIM or not?

Onic SIM is a part of UFOne company and where you are getting good signals of UFOne and you like the network of UFOne, if your name is in the first 5 SIMs then you should not purchase this SIM and if you want to purchase then  And this is a Pakistani company, if you do business with Pakistani companies then you benefit your country Pakistan and this is a very good thing.

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