Kabli Pulao Pakistani Drama Episode 15

Pakistani Drama Qabili Pulau Episode No. 15

Kabli Pulao Pakistani Drama Episode 15

 story of Kabuli Pulau drama:

The Kabli Pulao Drama

Kabli Pulao follows moral Lahori man Haji Mushtaq and poor Afghan woman Barbeena. Before meeting the gorgeous and intriguing Barbeena, 40-year-old single Haji Mushtaq lives a simple life. She and her father come from Afghanistan to Lahore for her mother’s medical care.

Haji Mushtaq’s life changes as he helps Barbeena and her father. As he gets to know Barbeena, his attitude changes. Cultural differences cause problems in Lahore and Kabul. Barbara’s tenderness wins over Haji Mushtaq, who falls in love for the first time because of her naivety.

Love, sacrifice, racial discrimination, and the transformational power of relationships are among the show’s concerns. It also highlights the challenges of cross-cultural communication.

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Cast and Crew

CAST Muhammad Ehteshamuddin Sabeena Farooq Nadia Afgan Adnan Shah Tipu Haseeb Khan
Munazzah Arif Saqib Sameer Farzana Taheem Rahima Khan Abdullah Farhatullah
Umer Dar Fajjar Khan Naina Black Sikander Rajput Waqas Shahzad
Umair Koreja Momina Sohail Isbah Mahin Faizan Dar
Rasheed Ali Arshad Niazi Saad Hussain Naeem Kashmiri Usman Chaudry
Digital Editors Gulsher Gopang Zohaib Hasan Shaikh Husnain Moavia
Digital Graphics Muhammad Zeeshan Nabeel Green

Reasons to Tune in to the Kabli Pulao Saga

For those who enjoy a good tale, Kabli Pulao is an absolute must-see drama serial. The engaging story, outstanding acting, and top-notch production quality make this show a standout in Pakistan’s competitive drama market. Cultural diversity, the value of human connection, and the significance of understanding and empathy are just a few of the timely topics that are examined on the show.

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