Telenor Yearly and Monthly EasyCard 750: Affordable Prepaid Plans with 30 Days of Connectivity

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Monthly EasyCard 750

Yearly EasyCard 750 650 incl. duty

Now get everything further Se Zyada with Easy Card 750, enjoy non-stop streaming, drooling & calling for 30 days!

Internet 8 GB

8 GB (1 am – 9 am)

Onnet 3500 Telenor & PTCL twinkles

Offnet 300

SMS 3500



A super package with DOUBLE Se Zyada data, twinkles, and SMS for the whole month! Telenor Monthly EasyCard gives you pressure-free connectivity wherever you go. Dial *345*19# or spark through MyTelenor App in just Rs. 650. This offer can also be availed through your nearest retailer in Rs. 750 and also through Easypaisa App.

Internet 8 GB

8 GB (1 am – 9 am)

Onnet 3500 Telenor & PTCL twinkles

Offnet 300 twinkles

SMS 3500

Offer Eligibility

All Telenor Prepaid guests are eligible for this offer.


Subscribers will be notified when their package has expired 30 days after their subscription date.

Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are inclusive of Tax
  • Bundle won’t be renewed automatically
  • Call Setup Charges aren’t applicable for this package
  • Guests can check their free coffers within the offer by dialing the free string *123#
  • Guests who take this package via recharge/cargo/Retailer shall have their recharge validity enhanced up to 90 days.
  • Offer is available nationwide on all reimbursed price plans.
  • Standard tariff for offnet/onnet calls & data as per the client’s price plan will be charged once the offer exhausts or expires
  • The offer can be subscribed multiple times within validity, with each posterior re-subscription adding to the former coffers (roll-over point)
  • The offer shall be valid for 30 days with each re-subscription enhancing the validity by 30 days from the time the offer is re-subscribed.
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